ZetaClear – Does it live up to the hype and work as claimed?

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Stop! Don’t Use ZetaClear Until You Read My In-Depth Review.

If you are suffering from white or yellow toenails caused by toenail fungus, like I was two years ago, you must be looking desperately for an effective cure for the rather embarrassing infection.

Based on statistics, about 35 million people across the world are suffering from white fungus deposits or yellow and cracked toenails due to a fungal infection. This is to say that there is a desperate need for an effective cure for the condition.

For some time now, Zetaclear has gained immense popularity over the internet, in clinics and other medical establishments across the country. This may be attributed to the many positive reviews from the many people who have used the product and got positive results.

In this review, I will be talking about the good and bad things I have observed over the period I have been using it to cure my toenail nastyness. Additionally, I will also mention any side effects that you need to watch out for while using the product.

Why ZetaClear?

The zetaclear toenail fungus treatment has been professionally formulated, and mainly comprises of natural oils, making it very effective as a remedy for toenail fungus. I can honestly attest to the fact that this product delivers what the manufacturer claims- to effectively cure yellow toenails, white toenail fungus and enhance the health of your nails.

Basically, having healthy and good looking toes is not an easy task, especially if you are suffering from a fungal condition; it requires the use of a specially formulated product as it won’t go away on it’s own (trust me!). About three years ago, I started noticing what appeared to be a light discoloration on the top side of my toes, especially the big toe on my right foot.

Within a few months, the discoloration had spread to other toenails on both feet. At this point I was concerned. I visited my doctor, whom, after diagnosis, informed me that it was toenail fungus. However, he said that nothing could be done about it at that point, other than maintaining good toe hygiene.

I started observing proper toenail hygiene, but the condition continued to worsen. Within a year, my toenails were thick and yellow in color. I tried various treatment options for the condition, including various anti fungal creams, but I could not get rid of the problem.

Later on, a doctor I saw elaborated on what causes this problem, he said that it was difficult to cure the infection because the fungi causing it was hiding under the infected nail; in a warm and moist environment, both of which are the perfect conditions for fungi to thrive.

The doctor then prescribed some oral drugs and creams to try and cure the condition. After using the medications for a while, I came across this product which was to become my ‘savior’ a few months later.

This was only once I visited a friend, who felt sorry for my condition and recommended that I should try the Zeta Clear Anti-fungal Solution.

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How My Feet Looked Before And After.

The toenail is yellowing and chipped pff
What my feet looked like before
A more normal looking foot, free from any problems
What my feet looked like after

I almost forgot how my toenails should look!


How to Use.

I started using every morning and at night. To apply the product on the toes, you need to use a brush, which it comes with. If applied in the right way, the soothing natural oils in this toenail fungus treatment penetrate the affected toes to reach the fungi and destroy them.

After using the product for a while, I discovered that it not only cures yellow toenails, but also softens the skin and makes it appear smoother. Bonus! While using the product, I also discovered that it does not have a medicinal smell.

This is obvious; zetaclear is made of natural ingredients, including lemongrass oil, lavender and clove oils, among other natural ingredients. I think this is also the reason why the side effects associated with the product are minimal and mild, if any.

Although it does not have a sweet girly scent, it features a natural and clean smell, that should be liked by men and women alike.

Prior to using this remedy, it is advisable to see a doctor to ascertain the underlying cause of this fungal infection. For instance, it is more likely for people suffering from Diabetes or immunodeficiency diseases to contract the infection. For the best results, you should use zetaclear appropriately.

To begin with, you should work on each of the toes independently using the following procedure:

  • Wash the infected toes thoroughly using warm water and soap. You should then dry the feet well, preferably with a cotton towel.
  • Place a drop of the oil at the center of the affected toe and proceed to spread it thoroughly on the toenail using the application brush. While applying, you should pay special attention to the underside of the nail and ensure that the oil covers the skin surrounding the affected nail as well.
  • Using a bandage, cover the toe carefully, such that the edges and the top side of the toe are well covered (This step is optional, I just put a fresh pair of socks on).
  • After applying the oil on the toes, you should then spray the homeopathic spray under your tongue. This will get into the bloodstream and help clear the fungi from the other side.

This should be repeated a couple of times throughout the day. The recommended frequency of application for zetaclear is two times in a day. However, I used to apply the solution three times a day to enhance the rate of recovery.

To further enhance the recovery process and attain the former nail appearance, I used to file the toenails probably two times a week. You should also consider doing the same to get rid of the dead skin as well as the loose nail debris on the infected toes.

Quick video tips for good foot hygiene:


How Does Zetaclear Treatment Function?

Any medical doctor can attest to the fact that treating any toenail fungal infection is not an easy task. After diagnosis, many patients are quick to try the various anti-fungal treatment lotions and creams for topical treatment of the condition.

It is very disappointing that the majority of such treatment options are not effective and only offer a slight relief, if any. Nail fungus can also affect the fingers; however, the toenails are the ones that are commonly affected.

To get rid of the fungus causing this condition effectively, you need to use a product that can manage to reach the fungus from under the nails too. Rather than opting for the rather expensive treatment options, which may contain harmful ingredients, you should try this all natural and effective toenail fungus treatment. It was only through a recommendation like this from a friend, that I found the fix for my unsightly problem. Hello flip-flops this summer!

This product is a truly outstanding two-step toenail fungus treatment, which I used to get rid of yellow toenail fungal infection I had been suffering from for close to a year. I found the results great and may be realized after using the product for a couple of months in my case, although this would depend on how far your problem has progressed.

The topical solution is usually combined with a powerful homeopathic spray, which clears nail fungus in the bloodstream within a short period. In its functioning, the treatment penetrates the affected toenail to reach the fungi growing below it.

This remedy fights the fungus right from the bloodstream and promotes healthy nail growth from below. After using the solution for some months, I could see new toenails growing from below to replace the thick, yellow and ugly infected toes.

This was a thrilling moment for me because I was not ever imagining that my nails could go back their normal appearance.

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Benefits Associated.

I can confidently tell you that it is possible to get rid of that ugly appearance of your toenails, caused by toenail fungi. After trying an array of products, I realized that it is only Zetaclear which delivers impressive results within a short period. Here are some of the benefits that this treatment option has to offer, based on my own observation:

  • Completely removes the ugly nail appearance- while other medications may only destroy the fungi, leaving the toe ugly and thick, this one fights all the fungi causing this condition and regenerates the nail. This way, it also gets rid of the yellow and cracked appearance or any white deposits depending on the fungus type.
  • It is an all natural product and is entirely made of natural products, mostly plant oils. This way, it is a healthy product and has few side effects on the user, if any.
  • It has powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. After using the product for about three months, I could see that the ugly toe tissue was no longer growing. This was an indicator that the product had cleared all the fungi causing the infection.
  • Prevents toenail fungus infection in future- after clearing the fungi from the toes, the product will also prevent its future recurrence. This way, it prevents future yellow toenail infection.
  • Exfoliates the keratin debris on the skin- this, in turn, eliminates the yellow pigmentation associated with this condition.
  • Enhances the growth of healthy nails- in place of the infected, cracked and yellow toe nails, it hastens the growth of a new toe tissue, which is healthy, strong and good looking.
  • The product may be purchased over the internet, without any need for a prescription.
  • It may be used by people of any gender and across all age groups.
  • The remedy can also get rid of the black toenail fungus, although I haven’t personally suffered this symptom to have the pleasure of testing and reviewing for you.

lady looking after nailsMy decision to try out this toenail fungus treatment was partly influenced by the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. As it is, the manufacturer offers a 90 days money back guarantee.

This is to say that you can return the product to the manufacturer and get your money back, if you do not see any results within 90 days.


Possible Side Effects.

Well, the fact that this product worked smoothly, without any major complications, in my case does not mean that it will do the same for everyone. Zetaclear is primarily made of all-natural products, most of which are plant products.

As such, the product does not have any major side effect. However, some users have reported having allergic reactions to the treatment. Other than this, there is no complication that has been reported with this medication.

The lack of side effects makes this treatment option, one of the best yellow toenail remedy.

It is one of the reasons the product is so popular today. According to the experts, it may be used in various applications, where chemical remedies may not be used, such as:

  • It may be used by pregnant mothers. It is not possible to use other fungus medications when pregnant or trying to get pregnant. However, it is safe to use Zetaclear when pregnant (but always check with your general practitioner if unsure). According to various medical practitioners, some of the medications being used to control toenail fungi can lead to sterility in males.
  • It may be used along with medications for kidney, heart, liver and gastrointestinal complications without causing any issues. Although if unsure and to be safe, always check with your GP.
  • Unlike other medications meant to control toenail fungi, especially the chemical medications, Zetaclear is less likely to cause irritations or allergic reactions in the body.
  • It can be used by people across all age groups, including children.

A good healthy looking set of nails


Where to Buy.

Now that you know how great Zetaclear is, you must be wondering where you can get it. I recommend purchasing a genuine pack online.

This is more convenient and presents a chance to save on the purchase through discounts. I’ve always purchased mine online and find there is usually a good discount if buying a pack of 3.

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Though I was initially skeptical about this product, I can now tell you that the best step I made towards curing the toenail problem was deciding to try out this product.

I have seen it work and if it worked for me, it can also work for you.

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